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Patio Cleaning SW4 Clapham

Patio Cleanig Before AfterProperly maintained and regularly pressure washed patios, stone ground and brick walls look good and retain their original bright and shiny colours. On the other hand – neglected outdoor areas make every property look dark, gloomy and unattractive.

You can use our reliable patio cleaning services which we provide in SW4 Clapham to make your property look great from its outdoor area. We work during the whole week including on bank holidays and at the weekends. Our technicians are trained and can transform any driveway, patio, paved, concrete and stone ground and wall into a bright and attractive place.

Pressure Cleaning Services in Clapham
Jet Washing £2.5sq/m
Patio/Driveway Cleaning £2.5sq/m
Pressure Cleaning £2.5sq/m

Patio Cleaning Clapham

The driveway, paths, paved, concrete, stone and brick areas outside your property will be pressure washed till they become perfectly clean and refreshed. Use our inexpensive and affordable patio cleaning services that we provide in Clapham to have well maintained property.

Our services guarantee excellently washed and restored patios and brick walls. In them are included:

  • Algae removal from ground and walls
  • Cleaning stains, hard deposits and dirt from patios
  • Eliminating weeds, chemical residues and moss
  • Using jet washing machines for hot and cold pressure washing
  • Applying suitable preparations and sprays on the cleaned areas

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    Our technicians will remove the moss, algae and weeds which make your patio unattractive and dangerous. They can apply non-slip coatings and algae control products to protect the washed areas from becoming slippery and overgrown again. The products which our staff use are effective in removal of stubborn stains and chemical residues.

    Pressure Washing SW4

    Jet WashingOnce removed from the garden path, patios, driveways and brick walls, the moss, algae and weeds won’t grow again after out staff spray the surfaces with suitable protective preparations. The hot pressure washing which they apply is effective in killing and removing weeds, moss and algae.

    It uses only hot water and there is no need of detergents to ensure the necessary restoration of the surfaces. The cold water jet washing is performed under high pressure. Reserve the patio cleaning which you need that we offer to the residents of Clapham SW4 and the external areas of your property will be cleaned, washed and transformed.